Pérdida De La Contraseña

Pérdida De La Contraseña

NotaAutor: Matxakeitor » Miércoles, 11 Marzo 2009, 16:31

The in-game “Forgot Password” function works now!

You can find the button on the Login screen, below the fields where you enter your account name and password for Online Multiplayer (Open or Closed).

When clicked it will take you to a web page where you can type your account name and your activation key, then the new password and the confirmation of the new password.

If the change does not happen immediately, just wait a moment. There is sometimes a brief delay while until the system synchronizes it with the Sacred2 network.

If for some reason a player is unable to resolve their problem with the above information, they will need to contact the Official Support representatives for their specific regional version. Official Support contact information can be found here: http://www.sacred2.com/en/footer/support.html

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